ARTFORUM / 500 Words: René Frölke discusses his film Le beau danger

„I’m interested in exploring how something is said, how communication between people is structured in public, and how that communication fails or succeeds. I think that they both try to trace the frame within which our common cultural narratives appear. The feature film’s title comes from a book-length interview with Michel Foucault, conducted by Claude Bonnefoy. Foucault addresses the problem of an author and his work being often confused for each other and calls this confusion “le beau danger.”>>>


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New York premiere of Le beau danger at „The Art of the Real“ / Lincoln Center

René Frölke does what few cinematic biographers dare to do: put their subjects’ texts on screen. The inclusion of a complete story from Manea, which we read piecemeal throughout, is just one of the many playful moves Frölke makes in this collage-like, ceaselessly surprising, and deeply moving film. A study of the day-to-day business of intellectual life (panels, book signings, interviews), Le Beau Danger is also a sensitive meditation on the experience of exile. (Dennis Lim) >>>

At Wednesday, April, 22nd at 7 pm, at Francesca Beale Theater.

The Art of the Real