Dan Sullivan about „From a Year…“

From a Year of Non-Events has a title that evokes the most popular description of Seinfeld and manifests a rare sensibility, in which exacting and tender focus, and exquisite rhythm cohere to yield a slight but rich portrait of Willi, a near-90-year-old living alone on a farm in a blissful state of dilapidation in North Germany. Frölke and Renninger measuredly present fragmentary glimpses of Willi’s everyday life through a sophisticatedly interwoven tapestry of Super-8 and 16mm images… The eminently pleasant From a Year of Non-Events acquaints us with a kinder, gentler understanding of nothingness, which just might be part of the antidote to today’s more widespread and decidedly less compassionate attitudes about being in the world…. READ MORE

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Documenta/Athens – preview of „Le Fort des Fous“

Narimane Mari’s  „Le Fort des Fous“ will be presented in a preview screening at Documenta in Athens.

A poetic voyage in three acts, moving between past, present, and imagination, putting French colonialism and the grave consequences of a collective hubris in focus.

On April 8th, at 3-5:45 pm and on Apr 9th at 12–2:45 pm at EMST—National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kallirrois and Amvrosiou Frantzi, Athens